"It all began long before Minette was a certified doula, it seemed to just come natural to her.  What started out as a wonderful gesture for her to capture moments of my second birth on camera/video, ended up being so much more.  Minette was the perfect person to have at my second and third births.  Although most people experience an easier labour the second or third time around, for me the opposite was so.  More than ever did I need the support Minette.  Her words of encouragement, comfort and support were exactly what I needed to hear to get me through some of my toughest moments.  When I thought I didn't have it in me to keep going, her voice kept me believing in myself.  She was there with me throughout my entire active labour, both times.  Her calm and gentle nature made me feel confident that I would have her support with my birth plan.  And when things didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped, she was there to help me utilize my hypnobabies skills and offer her words of wisdom.  I'm so grateful I was able to have natural births that I had hoped for with her by my side.  Minette's passion for all things baby and beyond showed true to her nature and I'm so honoured that she was a part of it all." - Sylvia S.

"Minette is a great photographer. It was a pleasure working with her. Minette is very friendly, flexible and great with kids who are not easy to photograph at times. She looks for unique scenarios and knows when to take the right shot. She captures "pure happiness" beautifully”.  - Gabi S.

"Minette's candid style of photography was expertly used at my daughters first and second birthday parties. I have beautiful memories of my little girl happy in her natural state running, jumping and laughing. Minette is able to capture the essence of life." – Rosanna L.

"Minette captures the essence of innocence and beauty. The photos she took of our daughter are breathtaking! Every time I pass by her photo, I stop and take the opportunity to remember how blessed I am". - Tanya

"Minette has such an incredible talent for capturing incredibly special moments in such a calm, loving, supportive & non-intrusive way. She has a passion and profound respect for pregnancy, birth and families. I can't say enough wonderful things!" - Christina Zvicer

"Minette is amazing. She beautifully captured the birth of our daughter, as well as some intimate family moments leading up to, and following, her birth. We felt so comfortable having Minette present during baby's journey earth side; she is immensely respectful and exudes a gentle, soft, and loving energy.  I am so thankful of Minette's skill and dedication in capturing our transition into a family of four. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives and I feel they will also have the ability to empower our children, as they too become parents one day." - Katie

"I contacted Minette after being recommended to her by a friend for newborn photography. Our little girl was 6 weeks at the time and I was looking for something natural that not only captured her but the love my husband and I and our two furry four legged children have for this amazing little miracle. The finished product was nothing short of amazing and beautiful. Minette is professional, very quick with turning around images, is creative and was extremely open to our image requests but also gave direction to ensure we got exactly what we were looking for. She has a very warm, kind heart and was a joy to have in our home. We are so excited about our images and can't wait to share them with family and friends. If you are looking for a photographer to capture a special time in your life I would recommend contacting Minette, I promise you will be happy you did". -Alana Santoro

"We hired Minette for her doula and, labour and delivery photography services and we could not have asked for a better addition to our support team. Her knowledge, warmth and compassion shines through (she was the only doula we met with before deciding to hire). It was very important to Craig that he felt involved, and that he was my primary support person during labour. We felt that Minette understood and respected this without question. Looking back, Craig is so grateful that we had Minette’s knowledge and support to draw from. Minette was with us every step of the way through a long and difficult labour that ended in an unplanned c-section. She went above and beyond - at one point even sleeping on the hospital room floor, amongst our bags, as we waited for me to progress. She worked well with our midwife and even though the birth of our son did not go as we had hoped, with Minette’s guidance and support I felt in control of every decision made to bring him into this world. I would highly recommend Minette as a photographer as well! We love the photographs she took during labour, and because she could not be in the operating room with us, she offered to take new born photos as well. As someone who is not completely comfortable being photographed, I was grateful for Minette’s warm and relaxing photography style". - Stephanie Louie

"Hiring Minette was the best decision we made regarding our birth plan. Being a first time mother, I was nervous and to be honest overwhelmed about how we would handle the birth process as we had no family present for the birth. The support and motivation I received from Minette during my labour as well as afterwards made all the difference. Whether it was reminding me to hydrate myself during early and active labour or reminding my hubby to take a break for himself or suggesting different pain management techniques, Minette knows what she is doing. Even though she was pregnant herself and it was over 12+ hours, she didn't let that affect my care and was with me throughout. Thank you Minette for being with us for this amazing journey and wish you all the very best for your little one"! - Natasha Vatcha

"Today we had our 2nd photo shoot with Minette and I absolutely cannot say enough good things. 
Minette puts so much thought and energy into everything. She managed engage and work with our four kids and had a wonderful back up plan incase it rained. I was also able to speak openly with Minette regarding including the memory of our son who passed away in some of our pictures. This meant a great deal to us and Minette welcomed my ideas as well as shared her own with professionalism and warmth. Thank you!"
- Stephanie Atilano