November 14, 2015 - Newborn session with Philippa June

It was such a pleasant surprise when Katie asked me to take newborn photos of sweet Philippa. It felt like a full circle experience as I had already captured Katie's pregnancy, blessing-way and birth. The drive to Squamish was beautiful as always. I stopped at a quaint little coffee store on route called "Galileo Coffee Company". The view of the ocean and the mountains from inside the coffee shop was just breathtaking! I was welcomed with open arms into Katie's home where we did the photo-shoot. It was such a beautiful and natural experience. I will forever be grateful to this family.  

October 27, 2015 - Keyon's Birth

Capturing the birth of Keyon was an amazing experience. His birth was long and hard but this mamma persevered and delivered Keyon au natural. Dad was there every step of the way with Grandma close by at all times. Mamma was surrounded by unwavering love, support and encouragement the entire time. This experience was reaffirmation on the importance of having a strong birth team with you. Click here to watch the full birth story.

October 22, 2015 - Family photo session with Kate & her family from Ireland

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Kate, her husband, their new baby and both sets of grandparents who were visiting all the way from Ireland. Co-ordinating this photo-shoot was a slight challenge but we finally made it work by getting together in a beautiful condo in West Vancouver. The lighting was a little tricky because it dusk was rapidly approaching.  We overcame all our obstacles and made the most of what we had. This was the result... 

October 19, 2015 - Maternity session with Katie

Today was such a beautiful day! My heart is filled with so much joy and gratitude. The day started off with me driving to Squamish so that I could do a photo session of my friend Katie with her beautiful growing family. I was in awe of all the natural beauty that surrounded me on my drive to Squamish and then the location of the photo-shoot was absolutely breathtaking! The river is fed by glacial water which was the most beautiful blue-green colour, and the magnitude of the mountains surrounding us was magnificent. The photo session was followed by Katie's "Mother's Blessing". Katie was surrounded by a group of strong, authentic women from different generations, all with a different life story to tell. There was so much love!! 

October 15, 2015 - "The Baby Project"

I'm extremely thrilled to be collaborating with Michelle Tyliakos from Crowning Glory Doula on the "The Baby Project" - Preparing for Birth, Baby and Beyond. This will be the first of a series of "talks". The first candid discussion will be on October 28th from 6:30-8:30pm and will be all about birth, potential breastfeeding challenges, body changes after birth, support during birth and postpartum and more. 

October 4, 2015 - Roxanna's Mother's Blessing

Today I had the special privilege of capturing Roxanna's Mother's Blessing. Roxanna is such a powerhouse in her community. She is a mother of soon to be 3 kids, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist a placenta encapsulator and more.  Roxanna was surrounded by a village of strong, loving and courageous women and lots of delicious food. Happy Birthing Roxanna!