Ways to memorialize our angel babies

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. A day that I hold near and dear to my own heart - a day where I can light a candle for my 2 angel babies. Its also a day to bring awareness to the fact that 1-in-4 people lose a baby - your sister, neighbour, friend etc yet it is something that is still taboo in our society and something that is very seldom spoken about. Families that lose a baby need the support of a village! With my first baby, I didn't have any support at all! I got a lot of messages the day that it happened but a week would pass and it was as though all had been forgotten and nothing ever happened and yet I was crying inside! With my 2nd loss, I had a village! Friends brought me meals, care baskets and I had people who had gone through the same experience send me a message a month, 2 months and even a year later asking how I was doing. I felt so much stronger and was able to get through my day-to-day so much easier because I wasn't going through it alone. The support that I got from my village inspired me and my amazing friend Michelle to create "In Our Hearts" - A monthly support group for families who've lost a baby. Miscarriage or loss is never something that we should feel ashamed about or endure on our own. Lets show compassion and take care of each other! I put together a gallery of photos that I've taken over the past year of ways to memorialize our angel babies. I hope you enjoy!